Experience of a cancer survivor


Only 37 when diagnosed with a malignant breast tumour, with two children, 12 and 8, Tarana went though the agony of recognizing a family history. “This can’t be happening to me,” she felt. As the medical jargon of the diagnosis sunk in, the sense of unreality gave way to fear, pain, depression, anger and despair. 

In her own words, “Cancer is a disease process and not a death sentence”. Supported by the love of family and friends; and with the help of dedicated and caring doctors and medical staff, Tarana faced her illness and fought back, coping with nausea, fatigue, hair loss; and a host of emotions. 

An oral maxillofacial surgeon by profession, today, Tarana is a successful business woman and owner of Gallery Art & Soul. She is a living example of beauty to match her brains and a heart to match her beauty. Her own inner strength helped her to emerge a much stronger person. Realizing that she was fortunate to be able to access the best medical help and information, her tender heart reached out to those less fortunate…..and, PASSAGES was born in July 1998. With likeminded friends, she founded PASSAGES, an NGO with a heart. 

– Coomi B. Singh,