Annual Calendar of CACI  Important Annual Events


Annual calendar prepared at GBM-03/2005 in Chennai and is being followed by a large number of member groups. It is reviewed and updated in each GBM. Last reviewed on 17.12.2016 at 14th GBM, Patna.

The annual calendar is given below::-

Month & Date Events related to cancer
January All India NCC Cancer Awareness Competition RDC, DG NCC Camp, Delhi Cantt.
January 28th Tableau ‘Anti Tobacco’- PM’s NCC Rally, Army Parade Ground, Delhi Cantt.
February 4th ‘World Cancer Day’
February 2nd Saturday ‘Cancer Survivors Day’
February 15th ‘International Childhood Cancer Day’
May 31st ‘World NO Tobacco Day’
September 22nd ‘Rose Day’
October 2nd Saturday ‘World Hospice and Palliative Care Day’
October ‘Breast Cancer & Cervical Cancer Month’
November 7th ‘National Cancer Awareness Day’ and ‘National NO Tobacco Day’.
  'Cancer Care India Day' (CACI was formed on 26.11.2000, in Delhi)