Dear viewers

It is my honour, as founder president of Cancer Care India (CACI), an apex body for cancer support organizations in the country, to welcome you to our website and briefly acquaint you with our charter and activities.

CACI was founded in November 2000 by people working as volunteers in cancer support organizations, many with a personal experience of cancer.
It was a response to the urgently felt need to come together to combat the growing menace of cancer in our country. While currently it is estimated that there are 15-20 lakh of people with cancer at any one time, with 8 lakh being added every year, by 2010 the numbers are expected to double. The majority, sadly, come with late stage disease.

Accordingly, the first task that CACI set itself was to alert people to the early warning signs of cancer. Towards this end, it joined hands with the National Cadet Corps (NCC), an organization with the largest disciplined youth force in the world, and launched a nation wide cancer awareness programme in May 2003. Numerous workshops and quiz competitions have been held since then to inform NCC cadets and motivate them to spread the message of cancer awareness and early detection as part of their community development programmes. I am happy to say that these have now become regular feature of NCC activity.

Member groups of CACI, currently 27 in number representing 13 states and union territories of India and one in Kathmandu, Nepal, are also to be congratulated for the various beneficial programmes they run for those affected by cancer. These help cope more effectively with their disease and its treatment, regain a sense of normalcy and also strengthen the will to live and fight back.

I am confident that with the setting up of a website, CACI will be able to reach out to many more people and organizations who share our purpose and mission. We urge you to join ands with us for we can not do it alone.

Warm regards

Harmala Gupta

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